Litemedics PRIME dental diode laser – 12 Watt power, 980nm wavelengh – Stomatology laser


Litemedics PRIME Dental Diode Laser – 12W Power, 980nm Wavelength – Dental Laser


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With the Prime dental laser, choose the premium option from the Litemedics offer! This dental laser is addressed to doctors who want to obtain the maximum possible investment, without the configuration limit. Maintaining the technical characteristics that established the PURE model (12 Watt in pulsed system and 980 nm operating wave), the Litemedics Prime laser brings for the first time a range of upgrades to the liking of any dental professional: the wireless pedal, the UnlockedApps system and the option to save custom profiles .

Shipping from: Romania EU warehouse

Transit time to any EU customer: 5 business days

Price (in EUR, VAT included): € 5170 / Price without VAT: € 4344.54

Product condition: Brand-new, complete box

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Litemedics PRIME dental diode laser – 12 Watt power, 980nm wavelengh – Stomatology laser


Our powerful, made in EU, best-selling diode dental laser! A wide range of soft tissue treatments, at an unbeatable price.

This product is part of our main portfolio, dental customers will always have consumables and parts ready & in stock.

Dedicated for dental professionals, the dental dioda laser Litemedics PRIME is perfect for any soft-tissue treatments: oral surgery, periodontology, endodontics, dental pain therapy, biostimulation, dental bleaching

Why choose Litemedics PRIME dental diode laser – 12 Watt power, 980nm wavelengh – Stomatology laser from our offer?

– it is the premium version and latest model of the Litemedics laser

– by choosing a laser from the offer you can benefit from participation in a workshop dedicated to diode dental lasers

– we offer a 3-year warranty for the device and 2 years for the wireless pedal

– we deliver quickly anywhere in the EU (both dental laser & consumables) from our Romanian warehouse

-we offer reverse VAT taxation for companies registered in Europe

– we carry out any type of servicing work in our specialised lab


Find out everything you can do with a diode dental laser on the dedicated website: (Romanian – use Translate)

The incredible Litemedics Prime dental laser (manufactured in Italy) comes with the new Unlocked Apps software module, a range of options that will allow detailed configuration and profile saving of all operating parameters.

The Litemedics Prime dental laser is aimed at both beginners and advanced dental profesionals who intend to use the product to its absolute potential.

Using a diode laser in your dental office has never been easier and simpler to manage! Easy learning curve, full help in multiple languages integrated in the device’s software.

The list of novelties also includes the new wireless pedal as well as the possibility to connect the new secure anti-rupture transmitter instead of the usual optical fiber (optional, for a fee)

By choosing the Litemedics Prime diode dental laser you can save all your personalized settings. Customized work profiles and configurable settings in detail allow a wide range of soft tissue laser treatments to be approached.

Price estimate (in EUR): € 5170

Technical specifications – Litemedics PRIME dental diode laser – 12 Watt power, 980nm wavelengh – Stomatology laser

Wavelength: 980 nm

Laser output power: 12 Watts, in pulsed system

Display: Color touchscreen for easy selection of work mode

Ultra-compact dimensions and weight: 20x15x12 cm / 1.5 kg

Configurable password protection: Yes

Working modes preset in the device: ENDO (endodontics), PERIO (periodontology), SURGERY (surgery/implantology, 3 selectable modes), THERAPY (therapy, biostimulation) and WHITENING (dental whitening)

Medical class: II B / IV

2 pin EU Plug, 220-230 Volts

Find out information about dental lasers on the dedicated website: (in Romanian – use Translate)

Litemedics Prime dental diode laser

Package contents of the Litemedics PRIME dental diode laser – 12 Watt power, 980nm wavelengh – Stomatology laser

1 pc. Activation pedal (wireless)

3 pcs. Special protective glasses for dental diode lasers

1 pc. Laser optimised handpiece

1 pc. Optical fiber 320 micrometers (length ~3 m) or 200 micrometers (for endodontists; on request)

2 pcs. Support for optical fiber (pole type and roll type)

1 pc. Special piece for teeth whitening (arch type)

1 pc. Set of curved tips for the laser handpiece

1 pc. Skinner for the fiber

1 pc. Fiber cutter

1 pc. Power supply + cable

2 pcs. Warning stickers

1 pc. Treatment presentation CD/user manual

1 pc. Teeth whitening gel for lasers (2 patients)


Choose the Litemedics Prime diode dental laser from for quick, clean and effective treatments!

Delivery from stock (3 business days, fast & insured courier shipping) or in maximum 12 days, depending on availability. We will confirm this in 1 business-day after ordering.

Any promotions and price reductions apply exclusively to full payment.


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